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You Don’t Always Need A Plan, Sometimes You Just Need The Balls To Take Action!

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my blog! My name is Shaun and you may have seen me on various internet marketing forums or Reddit going by the not so creative alias’ of Shaun, Shaunm or some form of variation of the two. Contrary to what some people may think I am not a full-time internet marketer. I currently serve in the Royal Air Force as a technician/engineer but explore internet marketing in my spare time with a goal to go full time as soon as possible.

A Brief Overview Of My History With Internet Marketing

I don’t remember exactly when I was first introduced to internet marketing but I believe it was either late 2012 or early 2013. Initially, I took it as something I would read about in my spare time rather than take any action on. As 2013 progressed I found myself reading more and more about search engine optimization, social media promotion and various other methods.

At the time I did not have internet access where I worked, so I used to save as many articles as possible to my read it later (now named pocket) account so I could read in my down time. I ended up using the service so much they later sent me an email to congratulate me on being one of their top 1% of users in 2013!

In late 2013 I finally decided to take action and as many people new to internet marketing do I started a personal blog (this blog). I posted a few basic articles but as I read more and more I started to realise that the idea of having an internet marketing blog was pointless as at the time I was unable to provide readers with anything of value and it would undoubtedly fail so I removed the content and left the domain dormant and went about my life.

In April 2014 I decided to have another go at internet marketing, after some thought I decided I was going to try black hat search engine optimisation and attempt to rank an Adsense blog in Google, I won’t go into it much as I plan to do a full blog post on it in the future but needless to say it did not go as well as I had hoped but the data I gained from that site was invaluable.

For the rest of 2014 and most of 2015 I spend most of my spare time testing various aspects of search engine optimization, different tool sets and reading as much as possible. Bit by bit I grew my knowledge base and developed my skill set along with my income. By mid-2015 I had begun to see the potential this path offered and by the end of 2015 I decided to set my new years resolution to go all in with internet marketing for 2016.

I hit the ground running for 2016 and spent most of my time scaling my website portfolio and further developing my knowledge and skill set through testing as much as possible and reading, everything was going to plan.

Then, in September 2016 Google rolled out their Penguin 4 algorithm update. The sites I have ranked held their positions but I began to notice that new sites I created after the update had rolled out would not take off. I explain exactly what has happened in more detail in this blog post.


The Current State of Affairs

My internet marketing ventures are currently in a state of flux, it seems that my method of ranking sites in Google may have been patched out. I have had success in the past with private blog networks and I am confident that method will still work if needed. That being said, I don’t like the limitations of the method as there are only a small number of domains worth investing in that become available each day and I don’t like the idea of spending my time being one of potentially thousands of people trying to pick them up.

Although the rankings for my ranked sites have remained constant since the Penguin 4 roll out I have noticed that my analytics are showing a gradual reduction in traffic week by week. I have decided to leave the Royal Air Force with my last serving day being 1st June 2017, I have about $25,000 saved in my bank account and plan to save as much as possible with a goal to try and get my own internet marketing business off the ground with it.

The Purpose Of It All

I have been toying with the idea of restarting this blog for a few months now and recently decided that this is the perfect time to do so as I am essentially going back to the drawing board putting me in a unique position to start over and share my journey as I attempt to develop a new black hat method for ranking in Google.

I have never built a blog like this before, one with my name attached to it, one that I am accountable for. Everything I have done in the past has been based around putting content on a site, then adding either display ads or affiliate links and then leaving it to do its own thing as I build backlinks to it but I intend for this to be something different.

I have been interested in content marketing and traffic leaking for some time now but I have never had the time to build a blog with the potential for these methods to work so I plan to develop these skill sets promoting this blog when the time comes.

Although I have learned that search engine optimization does not keep to anyones timeline my current plan is to build a new money site network from scratch via black hat search engine optimization and become self-sufficient from it by 2018.

I have managed to get myself a reputation on the GSA Forum for being the guy who tests everything, until now I have kept most of my case study results private but I plan to change this and share everything publicly right here on my blog along with using the knowledge I have gained over the past few years to create tutorials to help as many people as possible.

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