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The White Hat SEO Case Study – April 2017

I have not changed a single thing on the site since last month’s report where I SILOed the site and topped its content up. As the domain is still within what I class as its sandbox period I expected little to nothing for this month.


As you can see from the analytics screenshot above, traffic has remained similar to previous months not breaking the five hits per day. The data drop for the five days towards the back of the month was actually due to me updating the domains theme and not replacing the Google Analytics code in the themes header rather than the domain dropping out of the SERPs as I first thought.

SERP Rankings

The screenshot above shows the rank tracker data for the site on average since creation. As you can see it has remained relatively steady to date with little to no movement. That being said, some individual pages have had some initial SERP position climbs.

The screenshots above show the three pages that have shows significant jumps in SERP position on the site that have remained steady throughout the month of April. There are also a number of other pages with smaller jumps and some that are fluctuating between various possitions.

Domain Income

The site has not earned any commissions for the month of April.

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