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The White Hat SEO Case Study – March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 update on my white hat case study, I have had more free time to put into the project this month and managed to get it to a stage where I am happy to leave it to sit and age out for a few month to see how the site develops.

Fully SILOed Up

I know the main purpose of SILOing a site is meant to be to help pass any gained link juice throughout the various pages of the site in an attempt to increase the overall ranking of the site. That part of the SILOing concept is basically lost on this site as I don’t plan to build a single link to it while it is part of this case study and I plan to leave it to run for at least 12 months to observe the results.

I decided to SILO the site as internal linking between the pages may help get more of the domain’s pages indexed in the search engines and I am hoping the anchor text used to link to the pages helps pass a little relevance around the site helping the search engines understand what the page is about. Additionally, I had decided to use this site as a test domain to work out how to SILO WordPress sites ready for a larger black hat project I have planned.

For those unfamiliar with SILOing sites, the diagram below explains the basic concept of the process.

SILO example.

Essentially, the home page links to each of the main SILO topic pages and then each of the SILO topic pages links to their individual related posts held within their SILO. These posts can then link back to either the home page, their SILO category page, both or none.

As I was unable to find a way to set a WordPress site up in this way where the content was held on posts I had to convert all of the site’s posts to pages but thankfully there was a plugin available to make this process quick and easy.

Topping Up The Content

White Hat project word count.

As you can see from the screenshot above, all of the site’s posts have been converted into pages with all new content being posted as a page rather than a post to help with the SILOing process. I have topped the site upto over one hundred thousand words with an average word count of over two thousand words each.

Although I have plenty of keywords available to scale the project further I plan to leave the domain to sit as it is and age out as I am a firm believer in the sandbox and I have other projects I can focus on while the time passes before I take the risk of paying for more content to be added to the site.

Rankings, Traffic And Income

White hat project rank tracker.

The above screenshot shows the rank tracker data averaged out for the whole site. There are a few points of fluctuation but it generally held steady around the position 80-100 mark throughout the month. Although I did not take note of the data I converted the posts to pages and changed the site to a SILO format I believe that it was around the date range of the two drops suggesting that maybe the cause.

White hat project traffic.

As you can see the site’s traffic is far from anything to write home about, the maximum hits it received on a single day was only five and there is no clear sign of a growth pattern but as I have mentioned in other posts, none of my sites have seen steady traffic growth before their three-month period.

White hat project income.

Surprisingly, the site managed to earn just over $16 for the month of March. Not much but not bad considering I have done absolutely no promotion for the site and it is less than six weeks old.

That concludes the white hat case study report for March 2017, looking forward to see what April bring.

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