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The White Hat SEO Case Study – January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 update on my white hat case study, due to being a busy month I haven’t had much free time to dedicate to this particular test. I have however completed my initial keyword research for the project and sent some article templates to my writing team to be actioned.

I know that some people define keyword research as simply selecting a bunch of keywords they wish to base their content around but I personally also include keyword competition analysis under the term generic term keyword research. Although I currently have no plans to share my keyword research method, I did decide to track my keyword count throughout the process and I have broken it’s keyword count down below as this keyword batch was screened.

  • 4629 initial keywords of interest.
  • 1728 keywords remaining after deduping the list.
  • 169 remaining after primary keyword screening.
  • 45 remaining after secondary keyword screening.

That means less than 1% of my initial keywords of interest made it through the process. On top of that, I also remove keywords from the 45 screened keywords for a number of reasons. For example, a keyword may have a dual or ambiguous meaning, it may not fit the Amazon associates program, it may not have enough supplementary or LSI keywords to bulk the article out or any of a few other reasons.

Out of the initial 45 keywords that made it through the initial selection, I have rejected a further ten keywords to date meaning I have 35 keywords ready for the project. I also want to add that I am being extremely strict on my process compared to normal, this is due to never having attempted a project like this. One where I don’t plan to build a single backlink to the domain or promote it in anyway, ideally if all works out I would like this type of site to essentially become a set and forget method, but we will see how things go. In an attempt to give the project the best chance of success I have been trying to choose keywords with extremely low competition.

That being said I am also trying to build a backup traffic generation system into the articles in case the articles do not rank for their main keyword. Essentially, I am attempting to set the articles up to rank for as many potential extreme long tail as possible and still pull enough traffic to earn an income for itself.

All About The Content

As I have changed the layout of my article templates for this particular project I have briefed my writing team on these changes and confirmed they understand what I expect from them. I currently have two article orders placed for two of the keywords, with another eight fully processed waiting for a writer to become available to take the order and another 25 keyword templates to finish processing.

I have decided I want each of the articles to be a minimum of 2000 words for this project, one of the orders I have out right now is 2500 words with the other being 3000 words. Although basics of the article such as an introduction and an overview of the products is enough to reach my minimum 2000 word limit, I have no problem increasing the word count of the article if I find keywords that fit, are low competition and I feel would fit the article.

My plan for February is to complete the article templates for the remaining keywords throughout as well as get the domain online, installing the various plugins I use and adding the content to the domain as and when I receive it from my writers.

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