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The White Hat SEO Case Study – February 2017

Welcome to the February 2017 update on my white hat case study, although I am still extremely busy I am happy to say that a fair amount of progress has been made on the site.

All The Keywords!

I have spent a fair amount of time expanding on the keyword research site of the site on the off chance it works and I am able to keep reinvesting profits back into it and turn it into an absolute monster in its niche.

I have now lost count of the total number of keywords I have screened for this projects but I am happy to say I have used my keyword research method to settle on my initial seventy keywords. These initial keywords are extremely low competition meaning they may be able to pull traffic from Google without being backlinked.

I also have around 600 additional keywords that are low competition that may work with this project once the domain has aged out of the sandbox and gained a little niche relevance in Googles eyes. If the project works and starts to bring in an income then I plan to reinvest profits and expand into this secondary batch of keywords.

Installing The Plugins

The domain is now set up for the project I have installed the majority of the plugins that I listed in my digital toolset post. Due to being so busy I am yet to configure W3 Total Cache for the domain but working on site speed is on my list of things to do for March.

I also have a few place holder plugins running on the domain as it is currently using a free theme, once If I add a premium theme to the site these won’t be required as the functionality they provide should be included in the premium theme.

Growing The Content!

My writing team and freelancers have managed to get around 45,000 words out for this project with my trying my hand at article writing in niches that I have absolutely no interest in to make up the rest of the word count.

I have found that I enjoy the keyword research process as well as posting/editing the articles on for the domain but I hate article writing for a subject I don’t care about. I know people always say that you should start your domains based on niches you are interested in but I rather hunt for low comp keywords that have a profitable product and outsource the writing.

I initially wanted the articles to be around 2000 words each but my team have gone above and beyond on the majority of articles bringing the average word count upto 2469 words.

The Expected Lack Of Traffic

I have shared my thoughts on the sandbox in this post and firmly believe this site will take between four to six months for it to gain any real traction in Google. The month of February delivered around 20 hits to the site, I suspect the majority were either me testing the site on my phone to check its layout and other people I asked to check it for various reasons.

I haven’t had the time to block none search engine crawlers to the site yet but it has also received a few random crawlers.

Keyword Tracking

Initial Entry Keyword Positions For the white hat case study.

As you can see, the initial entry positions for the content currently on the domain are far from impressive. I am interested to see how these behave over the next few weeks in comparison to my old black hat projects.

Ordinarily, the black hat based stuff would drop off from their initial entry positions and then bounce back after a few month. It will be interesting to see if the same happens to this site that has received no low-quality backlinks.

White hat search engine optimisation daily keyword tracking.

As you can see from the screenshot above the keyword tracking for the project has remained fairly stable since I began to add content to the domain.

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