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Using Trello To Improve Internet Marketing Productivity!

Now I am sure the majority of my readers are fully aware of Trello, what it is and what it does but on the off chance you are unaware of this excellent free tool I will quickly cover the basics. Essentially, Trello is a tool that enables you to create lists online to increase your productivity. Although these lists can be based around a number of formats my own personal preference is to use them in the style of Kanban Boards.

Trello is extremely simple to use and is based around boards, lists, and cards. A board is basically a unique froup of lists and cards to help you separate your tasks. Lists are fields within the boards that cover the stages of your tasks or events and cards are entries onto your lists that you can move around freely. You are able to add a number of text entries into your cards to help you keep track of things.

For example, you may have a Trello board set up for each of your websites inside of each of your boards you may set your lists out in the style of a Kanban Board as shown in the screenshot below. You would then add your cards to your “Do” list and move them to your different lists as the progress.

Trello being used as a Kanban board.

My Basic Template For AdSense And Amazon Trello Boards.

It doesn’t matter how many websites I set up and build, if I am not working from a list then I almost always forget at least one of my basic steps. To get around this I have set up some basic Trello boards that can help me with my sites, the first is a one designed for AdSense and the second is designed for my Amazon based sites.

AdSense Template

Trello AdSense Website Template.

Amazon Affiliate Template

Amazon Affiliate Template

As you can see, they are pretty basic but have a few unique tasks that are specific to each of their monetization types. When I set a new site up I simply duplicate the relevant board, name it after the site and then progress through the various steps.

Once the initial steps have been complete I then begin to add the content orders for the specific project as shown in the screenshot below.

Trello with content orders added.

As you can see, I add my content orders with the naming convention of “Target Keyword” – “Writers Name” I used to add the date the order had been made but recently dropped it as the vast majority of my writing team receive their content orders on a Sunday with it to be delivered by the following Friday.

As the site progressed additional tasks will be added to the sites Trello board as shown in the screenshot below.

Trello board for a website with additional task cards added for productivity.

As you can see there are now backlinking, additional content orders and click through rate optimization task cards added. As CTR optimization takes time to develop the required data it sits in the “doing” list until complete. Additionally, as shown in the screenshot, if I receive a content order from my writer but have not posted it to the website yet it also sites in the doing column.

Using Trello To Track All Content Orders

Although I use Trello to track my content orders for my site on their dedicated Tello board I also have a board dedicated to my global content orders. Although I currently do not have a virtual assistant to carry out editorial duties for me the plan is to share this particular Trello board in the future so they are able to move my task cards between the lists in the screenshot below.

Trello being used for writing productivity.

As you can see, this particular board only has two lists, Ordered and Complete. When I send a content order out for any website it is added to the ordered list and once the writer returns it article it is move to the complete list. When it has been posted to the website that requires it I simply archive the task card rather than move it to a posted list as I have my dedicated log for the particular website to keep track of things like that.

If I am able to rebuild my money site network my plan is to hire a virtual assistant to act as an editor. They will manage my content orders for me as well as post the content to my websites when required. Setting up a Trello board to manage this means all I have to do is login to the shared Trello boards and I am able to see how my websites are progressing.

Although this board is designed for tracking content orders you are able to adapt it to track any internet marketing related task you outsource such as backlinks, domain orders or outreach requests.

Turning The Kanban Board Upto Eleven!

Trello board for productivity.

The screenshot above shows the lists I have for my Trello board for this very blog. It is a modified Kanban system designed as follows.

  • General Post Ideas – Ideas for posts on things like the best subreddits for internet marketers.
  • Tutorial Ideas – Ideas for tutorial based posts on tools, plugins and tips.
  • Case Study Ideas – Post ideas for future case studies.
  • Tools – A list of my tools for possible future posts/reviews.
  • In Progress – The posts I am currently typing up/editing.
  • Complete – The posts I have published.
  • Waiting For Data – Case Studies I have running.

As you can see, this system allows me to keep my post ideas segregated into various lists as well as hold cards in lists that are required further actions such as the in progress or waiting for data lists. So far it is working extremely efficiently and I am a big fan of it.

Trello traffic light system to increase productivity.

Clicking on a cards edit option and selection the edit labels option presents the above options to the user. I use this as a traffic light system for my cards to help organize their priority as explained below.

  • Green – Action as soon as possible.
  • Yellow – Action soon.
  • Red – Ideas for future posts.

I have currently dropped the Red label and use the default unlabeled card for future post ideas as it offers the same graphical representation as a Red Lable but requires zero additional effort.

Using Trello to store sources to increase productivity.

The screenshot above shows how I save sources and ideas to my cards, I simply add the source URL to the cards comments sections and press send. The URL is then saved in the activity section of the card. I would imagine this functionality is designed for communication over shared boards but it can easily be used to store information in this way.

IFTTT Integrations

Trello and IFTTT productivity intergrations.

Trello is on of hundreds of apps that have IFTTT integration. Although I have used IFTTT for a while I have only recently began to add recopies involving Trello. The recipe in the screenshot above runs on the first of every month and adds a card telling me to make a productivity posts in my “in process” list.

I have a few other automated card recipes currently but if you wish you are able to integrate it with any of the other apps supported in IFTTT.

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