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The Reading List!

This post will be updated as I read new books. My intention is for it to act as a shared digital backup of my bookshelf. Essentially, it is made up of all the books I have read and then placed into a tier system of how helpful I thought the books were at the time of reading. Here is a quick breakdown of my tier system.

Tier One – Highly Recommended Reading

Tier Two – Recommended Reading

Tier Three – Average Reading

Tier Four – Last Resort Reading

Tier Five – Don’t Bother Reading

As all books are placed into the tiered system by how helpful I found them, you as a reader may find a book more or less useful to you depending on your own personal circumstances and goals.

The books within the tiers themselves are not ranked, for example, I don’t rate the book currently showing at the top of the tier one books any more helpful than the book displayed at the bottom of the tier one books.

Most of the prices shown are for the paperback version of the book but I picked the vast majority of them up for a couple of dollars for their kindle versions. Due to issues with the Amazon API plugins are currently unable to automatically display the price of digital goods so most of the books can be picked up cheaper than their display prices.

Tier One Books

Tier Two Books

Tier Three Books

Tier Four Books

Tier Five Books


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