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Stay Ahead Of The Competition On Google Algo Updates Using This Free Tool

In this post, I will be covering the free tool Algoroo and how you can use it to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to Google rolling out unannounced updates to its algorithm. I have touched on the tool in my post about how the penguin 4 rollout hit me but due to two recent threads I decided it deserved its own post.

Essentially what the tool does is monitor the top 100 Google results for the 17,000 of the most popular keywords in the English language for search engine rank position changes. The tool then uses a traffic light system to report any change to the user in an easy to understand graph at the top of their main page with the color breakdown below followed by a screenshot of the tool.

  • Green – Stable
  • Amber – Unexpected Change
  • Red – Large Amounts Of Change

Screenshot of the Algoroo Dashboard.

So, Why Is This So Important?

Well, I have recently been posting more on a number of forums and subreddits to warm my accounts up ready for promoting this blog and I saw this thread on warrior forum as well as this thread on Reddit basically consisting of the exact same thing.

A user reports that their sites have taken a hit in traffic recently, a few other users chime in reporting the same thing but the only advice offered by the communities is that it is the seasonal downturn in traffic due to the holidays and that things will pick up again.

If we take a quick look at what Algoroo is saying, we see something different. Here is another screenshot of Algoroo, this time focusing on a specific time frame.

Algoroo showing the 15th December update

As you can see the tool is showing a major change for the 15th of December. Now below is a screenshot of the Reddit users analytics data that he posted in his post.

Analytics data backing up the data of Algoroo

As we can see from the Orange line of the users analytics data, it would seem from what we have available that the traffic was at its highest point on the 14th December with a constant ongoing downturn in traffic starting from the 15th December. The same day that Algoroo tracked a major change to the Google search engine results.

How Should I Use The Tool?

Well, that’s the beauty of it, the tool is totally free so you can use it every day if you choose to but I usually only check it once a month unless I am fault finding on a site or sites that are changing rankings unexpectedly then Algoroo is my first stop. This is because I want to know about a Google update as soon as it happens, not in four months time when

This is because I want to know about an unannounced Google update as soon as it happens, not in four months time when moz work out something has happened then have a guest blogger report on it who pretends to have known about it for months.

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