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How To Save 90% On Domain Costs To Build A Huge Test Network!

In this post, I will explain how you can take advantage of this domain registrars offer of registrations for only 88 cents to build a test network that you can use to perfect your search engine optimization skills. I initially shared the concept in this thread over on the GSA Forum, since then I have explained the same strategy to a number of people so I thought I would make a blog post on it to refer people to rather than having to repeat myself each time.

Back when I first got into search engine optimization I used a bunch of manually created web 2.0 sites for the exact same thing. Unfortunately, times have changed and with my methods, web 2.0 sites don’t seem to rank anywhere near as well as they used to but in this game, there is always an ongoing requirement for testing.

I decided to look for a way to build myself a test network of sites to practice on. After searching around I found this offer where I was able to register fresh domains for as little as 88 cents and decided to take advantage.

How Do You Build A Test Network?

Step 1 – Register As Many Domains As You Require For 88 Cents

Step 2 – Put Them On A Cheap Hosting Plan

Step 3 – Test

It’s literally that simple, you can then run any test you can think of on your test network and see how your theory turns out. I currently have 70 domains in my test network and only three of them have been totally deindexed due to things I have done to them.

My favorite thing about my test network domains is that one of four things usually happen to them. Firstly, the test totally fails and I prep the domain ready for the next test. Secondly, a single page may rank or climb to the front page from all the pages involved, if this happens I try to work out why it happened and then delete the page so the domain gets no traffic from the test and rank the keyword on a domain in my money site network. Thirdly, the domain takes off and makes enough cash with potential for further growth so I move it into my money site network. Finally, in rare occasions, I push too hard and the root of the domain gets deindexed from Google so I just delete the site.

No matter the outcome, they all receive minimal traffic and require minimal disk space while part of the test network so they can be put onto the smallest hosting packages that allow unlimited domain hosting saving even more money.

To Monetize Or Not To Monetize

I have always put some form of display advertising on my test networks, display advertising offers an advantage of being able to gain an income from any niche or keyword possible no matter how obscure or strange. It also give me a way to gauge the potential of a test before moving it from my test network into my money site network.

When I tell people this they usually reply asking if I am worried about leaving a footprint, this is usually because they are having some cross over with private blog network theory. It is important to understand this is not a private blog network, this is a test network. With a private blog network, your domains are your tier one links and are linking to a money site above them meaning putting display ads or affiliate links on them can leave a footprint.

With a test network, your domains are essentially your money sites at the top of the pyramid so they act as any other individual domain you are trying to rank.

The next question I am usually asked is how much does my test network make. In all honesty, it varies each month due to many reasons, I would say it ranges from around the $30 mark up to the $100 mark. When it is getting closer to the $100 mark a domain is usually moved from the test network into my money site network to be developed. As you can imagine this then knocks the income back down towards the $30 mark.

The third most common question I am asked regarding this concept is if you can use these cheap domains from money sites. Although I have never actually tried it as I usually go for .coms I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. As I have said I have moved domains from my test network into my money site network in the past due to their performance.

Wrapping It All Up

As I said at the beginning of the post, the main reason I typed this up is to prevent me having to repeat myself on the concept in the future. If I keep getting asked additional similar questions on the subject I will add them to the post in the future to try and help people as much as possible.

I hope this helps some readers develop their skill set as well as an advantage over their competition from the knowledge they gain from implementing the concept.


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