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Progress Report – January 2017

Welcome to my blog progress report for January 2017 in this monthly report I track the progress of the blog towards meeting my blog goals for 2017!

Growing The Content!

Blog Content Word Count

I managed to increase the blogs word count to 86,267 words meaning I added 33,253 words to the blog in January 2017. As you can see from the pie chart below this means I have already managed to get to 35% of my target word count for the blog!

January 2017 Blog Word Count

From the end of March 2017 I will be leaving my current full-time job to see if I can make it as a self-employed internet marketer. As this will essentially clear my schedule of all distractions and I think I will easily be able to meet my target of 250,000 words of content on the blog by the end of the year. In addition I will have more time available for promoting this blog as well as testing a number of methods I have planned for new money sites.

Promotion Strategy

Although I was planning to hold off on promotion until late January at the earliest I managed to correct most of the bugs on the back end of the blog so I decided to start my forum promotion strategy early with it going live on the 5th January.

Essentially, I created a thread linking to the blogs content on a number of internet marketing based forums to test the waters and thankfully, the vast majority of the feedback has been extremely positive. So positive in fact that the blog won this competition over on CPAElites.

Although this was not part of my promotion strategy it did allow me to test traffic generation from forum signatures for free. Being able to test this so early has enabled me to gather the data required to develop my forum promotion strategy further without needing to spend any money to test the concept.

My promotion thread over on blackhatworld also received a positive reply from their Super Moderator Tymillz. In addition to this, I have also noticed a number of people linking to my content in a number of threads such as here. I could swear I saved a few other links to threads where I had noticed this but I can’t find them in my Evernote, Trello or ToDoIst but thanks guys, it means a lot :).

tymills responce on blackhatworld

Once my initial promotion threads and signature over on CPAElites were set up I started to directly link to my content in relevant threads on the forums and again, the majority of the threads received the content well, with a few people asking questions on how they were using the toolsets.

That being said, I ended up receiving a warning on one of the threads over on blackhatworld for apparently breaking a rule that I personally don’t feel I broke, its current wording is not what I did in the thread and apparently the rules are currently being rewrote and although the new rules are not publically released some of the mods are currently enforcing them.

The fact that one of their senior moderators positively posted in my initial blog promotion thread and did not issue a warning to me further confused matters. I will play the game and stop directly posting my links in threads on blackhatworld for a few months and if the new rule set is not published I will contact one of their mods for further clarification.

I have also started to share my content on some low trafficked subreddit’s and have noticed a trickle of traffic coming through from them, once I have developed a new working method I will move promotion to some of the higher trafficked subreddit’s to see how it is received. I have developed a list of subreddits where I feel my content maybe received well and plan to expand my presence in their communities.

I have also attempted to promote the blog on Quora and ended up getting my blog blacklisted. I have ticked their support and am yet to receive a reply. After a little investigation, it seems that it was due to not stating that I own the blog on my profile. I have had a little brainstorming session while running and I think I have a workaround if they don’t whitelist my domain but for now, I will leave Quora promotion as I don’t have the time to hit all these platforms up.

Blog Traffic


Blog Analytics for January 2017.

You can see the initial spike of traffic early in the month when I initially put my threads on the various forums and the blog hovered at between 75 and 100 visitors for the majority of the days. The spike in traffic around the 21st January is mainly from adding my blog URL to my signature over on CPAGrip, since then the blog has consistently remained over 100 visitors per day.

To my knowledge, the “users” count in Google Analytics is the number of unique users the blog received over the specified time period. If my thinking is correct, then 1533 total unique visitors over the course of January works out at around 50 unique visitors per day meaning I have managed to get half way to my target of averaging 100 unique visitors per day to the blog by December 2017 in my first month of promotion.

Blog Traffic Per Page For January 2017

As you can see from the screenshot above, the most popular page for visitors is currently my domain home page receiving over 14 percent of the month’s total traffic. I think this maybe due to my signature on CPAElites linking directly to the homepage as well as my various forum profiles having a direct link to my home page each time I post as shown in the screenshot below.

As I plan to increase my forum activity as well as the forums I have a signature linking to my blog on I imagine that this will not change anytime soon.

The above screenshot shows my analytics for my top 10 traffic sources, the vast majority of the traffic is showing as (direct) / (none) as I was unaware of how to set custom trackers up for my URLs when I made my initial promotion threads so I have no way to track where that traffic is coming from.

Although I plan to tone promotion down, my main goal for the blog for February is to increase the percentage of traffic gained via the various forums but I have a number of projects I have to work on this month so I am not sure how much time I will have to dedicate to this blog.

Email Subscribers And Social Media

Email List for January

Although I have no real experience with email marketing I decided to get an email opt-in on the blog as soon as possible. I managed to gain 23 subscribers throughout January 2017. In all honesty, the only plan I currently have for my email subscribers is to start sending a monthly round up email of the posts on the blog for the month.

I have also set up a number of social media accounts for the blog but they are a low priority for me right now. From the accounts I have set up, I only have future plans for Twitter and Instagram as well as a potential future YouTube channel.

Although in the early stages I plan to use my Twitter account to promote the blogs content while using Instagram and a future YouTube channel to share more of my life style rather than focus directly on things regarding internet marketing. Although I have set a Facebook and Google Plus page up for the blog I am actually considering removing them, or simply using them via IFTTT rather than as a main output medium and that concludes my blog progress report for January 2017.

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