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My Favourite Free Tool For Background Noise To Increase Productivity.

If you are anything like me then you have to have some form of sound to work to, in the past, I have used music but I prefer rock and metal so it is not exactly the best sound to help me stay focused and productive. I then began to play motivational speeches as background music, although I found them better than music I still wanted to try and find something more effective.

After looking around for a while I discovered Noisli. Essentially it is a free panel of both ambient sounds and background noise that the user can play on a loop in the background while they work. Although I have no way to measure its exact efficiency I feel it has helped increase my focus and productivity while working and I recommend you at least give it a quick five minute try out as its totally free.

So What Can Noisli Do?

When first visiting the Noisli dashboard you are presented with the options shown in the screenshot below to choose either random background noise, a preselected productivity mix or a preselected relaxation mix.

Noisli dashboard

Below the initial dashboard the user has the option to add or remove the various sound loops from their current mix. The current sound loops available include rain, a thunderstorm. wind, forest wildlife, leaves rustling, a gentle water stream, rolling waves at a beach, dripping water, a roaring fire, night time ambiance, a coffee shop, a train (surprisingly effective), a low motor hum and various types of white noise.

When clicking on one of the options, the user activates that sound loop and is also able to control the volume of it in the current mix as shown in the screenshot below.

Noisli sound loop dashboard for ambiant sounds.

Noisli also has a free plugin available for chrome (click here to go to it) as well as apps available for both iOS and Android so you can listen to your mixes on the go if you wish.

If the user makes a free account with the service then they are given the option to save their mixes for future use as well as share them with their friends. You can click on the links below to be taken directly to the three mixes I currently have saved to my Noisli account.

Productivity – Thunderstorm With A Camp Fire

Productivity – Train Rain Wind

Relaxation – Night Time Camp Fire

Wrapping It Up

Since I discovered Noisli it has quickly become part of my daily routine to provide background noise when working, the service is completely free and very easy to use so I highly recommend you at least give it a quick five minute try, you never know it might become on of your essential apps!

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