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Moving Forward!

The 24th March 2017 marked my last serving day in the Royal Air Force meaning I am now putting 100% of my time into trying to become a full-time internet marketer. Because of this, I decided to release a post with my plans for the future with regards to internet marketing.

Most of my readers know that I took a pretty big hit when Penguin 4 rolled out, since then I have been trying to rebuild a money site network with numerous sites being hit with various penalties. Most recently the Fred update rolled out on the 9th March 2017 and wiped out one of my most successful sites in my money site network.

Analytics displaying the Fred rollout.

When speaking to people on various forums, Skype and Slack I have realized I could paint a more accurate picture of the reality of trying to build out a full money site network if I report on how many sites actually fail. From now on I will add this to my monthly money site network income reports and keep it upto date as time goes on. The below is a current count of sites that I believe have failed since starting my rebuild along with my theory of why.

  • One site to Fred.
  • One site to being hacked.
  • Seven sites to Penguin.

The site lost to Fred is the one in the analytics screenshot above, the cause is pretty obvious to me as the traffic and ranks dropped the day of the rollout. The site lost to a hack is also obvious as it was hacked and then placed on a potentially dangerous list by Google meaning visitors receive a warning when they click through. To my knowledge, I am able to appeal this but it is only a small site so I will just leave it to its fate.

This brings me to the seven other sites, their causes are not as obvious but I believe they were lost at various stages due to Penguin. On the flip side of this each site has tweaks and changes to its backlinking allowing me to fault find my method.

Planning For The Future!

I am planning to start a new black hat project in April 2017 and I will release monthly reports on its performance similar to my white hat case study. I am hoping I have learned enough from the previous seven sites to make this one successful! If it does begin to take off then I will scale the method to a hand full of sites to test it further.

I am also going to continue my white hat case study although I am not going to add any additional content to the site until I understand more about the Fred rollout as I believe it could potentially have been hit by it.

I am also planning a new YouTube project, this will be outside of the internet marketing niche and will be kept private although I plan to release monthly posts on its progress. I plan to grow this project via traffic leaking rather than SEO due to the number of updates recently so I can see this taking up the majority of my free time.

Outside of the money site network, I am also considering starting a journey thread on the various internet marketing forums to offer a small insight into what I am doing on a daily basis rather than only releasing monthly updates on the project. I am currently doing something very similar to help me log my activities and it wouldn’t take much more effort to format it in a journal style and release it publically.

I have had a number of people ask me for guidance on ways to build out their own verified list for GSA Search Engine Ranker. Over the coming months, I am planning to release posts covering various methods I have used to gather, identify and verify targets as well as all of the tips and tricks I have picked up over the years.

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