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Money Site Network Income Report $97.71 – January 2017

Welcome to my money site network income report for January 2017! I use this monthly post to track the growth and development of my new money site network after my original money site network fell to Penguin 4.

The majority of the tests I set off in December 2016 and January 2017 seem to be either none starters or failures, a hand full of the sites are getting traffic and their incomes are below.

Adsense Test Sites (In GBP)

Amazon Test Sites (In GBP)

Amazon Test Sites (In CDN)

Amazon Test Sites (In USD)

Although the above screenshots are made up of three different currencies they total around $97.71 when all are converted into US Dollars.

Method Development

My results from my December and January tests have convinced me my old SER only method is well and truly gone, only one of the Adsense sites above has a backlink profile made up with only SER. The rest are a mixture of web 2.0s and SER on tier one with SER as tier two and one of the Amazon sites has no SER links at all with its tiers being made up of nothing but three tiers of web 2.0s.

I suspect all of the sites above are still in the Google sandbox and hope that in time, their traffic will increase further. Although I have completed the keyword research phase for my White Hat case study I have only just started putting out my content orders for the project. I expect this site to take four to six months to take off and start to get any traffic or income.

I also have a few tests with aged domains as their money sites planned to see if I can get by the sandbox phase that way and get some sites earning money quicker. In addition to this I am also considering taking another look at private blog networks as well as some early plans for a social media based project.

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