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Money Site Network Income Report $528.07 – Feb 2017

Due to time constraints, I am going to drop the monthly blog progress reports and my productivity reports. I am also going to merge the blog income and money site network income reports into a single report from now on in an attempt to save time.

Here is my money site network report for Feb 2017.

  • Adsense – $83.68
  • Amazon – $227.99
  • shaunmarrs.com – $216.40
  • Total – $528.07

That being said this will fall for the March 2017 report as it seems some of my sites have been hit by the new Google algo update with some sites dropping off the first page for all keywords.

As I am leaving my job at the end of this month in an attempt to go full time with internet marketing I will have much more free time available from April 17. My current plans are to start some new black hat projects as well as a potential YouTube project.

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