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The Return Of Instant Link Indexing!

In this post, I will be going over the newest generation of instant link indexing services that have been released onto the market and my thoughts and experiences with a few of them. For those of you who have been dabbling in black hat search engine optimization long enough, you may remember that there were a large number of services that were able to index your links almost instantly.The quality of the link did not

The quality of the link did not seem to matter, you would submit your links to the service, they would do their thing and then within hours, you would have a large number of your black hat links in the Google index pushing link juice. Back then, my indexer of choice was instant link indexer and everything was working as it should.

Then, around the start of June 2017 Google updated their systems and everything changed. All of the instant link indexing services had been patched out overnight. Some of these services were still able to get your links indexed but it would take weeks or months before you saw any results. To my knowledge, the only service to publically confirm they had been hit was instant link indexer as shown in the screenshot below. (Full post here)

Instant link indexer confirm their system no longer worked.

Although they had publically confirmed their system was no longer able to index your links instantly, the feature you were paying their premium for, their prices remained them same for some reason.

The First Evolutionon Of Instant Indexing Services

Anyway, fast forward from June 2015 to May 2016 and I notice a new service on the GSA forum claiming they are able to index links very quickly. This service was Authority Indexer, I was skeptical from the get go as their testimonial videos look like they are directly from Fiverr but I decided to try the service out.

I found the tool to be very buggy and could never actually get it to work. I posted on their sales thread as shown in the screenshot below reaching out to the owner for support but he never replied so I returned to using a regular indexing service.

Reaching out to authority link indexer for support.

Now what Authority Indexer was meant to do is take your URLs and automate their submission directly to the Google crawl request page automatically flipping proxies and sending captchas to a manual captcha service to save you time. Their sales thread soon died out and things went on as normal.

The Latest Versions Of Instant Link Indexing Tools

Fast forward to March 2017 and I notice the sales thread for Light Speed Indexer. At the time I was taking a break from black hat search engine optimization due to having a bad few month losing a bunch of sites and having a whole load of real life stuff on my plate while I was getting ready to leave the military.

I noticed the similarities between Light Speed Indexer and Authority Indexer and reach out to the new owner asking for clarification on their sales thread as shown in the screenshot below.

Reaching out to light speed indexer.

The new owner confirmed that he had purchased a percentage of tool from its developers and had a few things changed about how it works. Most notably, users no longer require their own Google accounts to make submissions with the tool. As you can see, I comment on how a SaaS version of the tool would be much better but it seems no action was taken by the new owner leaving competitors open to move in on the space.

Fast forward to May 2017 and one of the original owners of FCS Networker launches his tool that is essentially a SaaS version of Light Speed Indexer.

Now I just want to take a moment here to go off topic quickly in an attempt to show that although I am an affiliate of Index Inject, it is because I believe in the product. I did something similar to this in my indexing case study here to show that myself and the owner of the main service in that post had not always seen eye to eye.

Basically, I was a huge fan of the old FCS Networker back when dp40oz owned and ran it. To this date, I am yet to find a web 2.0 creator that performed as well as FCS did back in the day. Unfortunately, problems arose with the tool, it had to be sold and little to nothing was released to the paying customers about the tool changing hands and in my opinion, it has fallen from grace since being taken over.

Anyway, a few month later dp40oz launches his new keyword research tool and I call him out on post seven of his brand new tool as shown in the screenshot below. Essentially, I had a go at him about how in my opinion he screwed FCS Networker users over, on the front page of his brand new sales thread where my post will stay for all time. That service has been online for over a year now so I am hoping the same will go for Index Inject.

Calling more people out.

Moving back on topic, I decided to try his new indexing service and I am very impressed, so much so you can read my review on their sales thread here or in the screenshot below.

Index inject review.

A Quick Over View Of Index Inject

Index inject main screen

The above screenshot is the main page of Index Inject that shows you your core data for the tool. The graph at the bottom of the screen usually shows you a graph of how many links you are pushing through the service each day but I had to delete my projects from the tool as I had named them after domains or keywords before I had decided to make this post.

That is the reason the graph is showing no data in the screenshot but as you can see from the credits count I have used 2336 of my submissions this month so far.

Index inject submit URLs screen.

The screenshot above shows the link submission page used for the tool, as you can see, it is easy to understand.

Index inject view links pane.

The screenshot above shows the view links pane of Index Inject, as you can see, at the time of taking the screenshot, my test batches for this post had been fully processed.

My Results For Two Test Batches

As you can see from the screenshot above, I have made two test batches to run through the tool. One is 100 contextual links from GSA Search Engine Ranker and the other is 100 automated web 2.0s. The below screenshots are the index check results from Scrapebox on both batches before submission to the tool.

Batch One

Batch Two

I then submitted the link batches to the tool and let it run its course. The below screenshot shows the index check results for the exact same link batches around one hour after submission to the tool.

51% Of The Automated Web 2.0s Are Indexed After 1 Hour

Web 2.0 index results.

70% Of The GSA SER Links Are Indexed After 1 Hour

GSA SER Index results

Now there are a few things that can affect these rates as I have seen rates both higher and lower for the batches I have pushed through Index Inject. For example, the content on the links. The above batches have manually spun content rather than content from an auto-generation tool. The domains on your SER list may also affect your indexing rates, the SER links used in the batch above are from a premium link list service.

One thing that I want to say again in case you never read my review of the service on their sales thread linked and screenshotted above is that the manual captcha costs for using Index Inject are INSANE! From the batches I have been tracking I have seen a high of 98 cents to process 100 links. If rates stay like then it’s not practical for mass link building but I may use it on my tier one links. Additionally, I have had some batches drop over time when Google rechecks the page to calculate if they want to keep it in their index or not.

Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as every link submission will require at least one ReCaptcha credit due to there being a captcha on Google’s submission page as shown below.

Googles submission page.

In addition, if the same IP or account make more than a preset number of submissions within a specific amount of time additional captchas will be presented to the tool. In an attempt to save my readers a little money I have managed to negotiate a 10% discount code for my blog readers who are wanting to try Index Inject. Use the code “shaunm” without quotation marks on their billing page and the fee will be reduced by 10%!

That being said, there may be light at the end of the tunnel with the captcha cost issue as the owner of Express Indexer has confirmed he intends to add a similar process to his tool where users will not be required to add their own captcha keys.

Express Indexer adding instant indexing to their service.

Since publishing this post the dev has had a change of heart and decided not to add the functionality as shown in the screenshot below.

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