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Money Site Network Income Report $416.30 – March 2017

Welcome to my money site network income report for March 2017! Unfortunately. March saw Googles the rollout of the Fred update costing me my highest earning site within the money site network as well as a potential second site that was showing promising growth then suddenly dropped all traffic around the 9th March 2017.

Here is my income from my network for March 2017.

Adsense – $70

Amazon – $83

Shaunmarrs.com – $263.30

Total – $416.30

I have gone over both the analytics and amazon reports for the site that I definitely lost to Fred and I would estimate an additional $200 from that site for the month had it not been lost. Due to this, I am going to attempt to recover the site over the coming days.

The secondary site that seems to have been affected was only a small AdSense test site that would have brought in an additional $10-$30 if it had kept growing at the rate it had been. As it was so small I have simply deleted the site as part of a clear out of my hosting and analytics accounts.

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