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How To Permanently Increase Your Free Dropbox Storage By Over 1500%!

In this post, I will be going over a number of short tasks you are able to complete to increase the amount of cloud storage space available to you when using a regular free Dropbox account. For those who don’t know, Dropbox is a cloud storage and synchronization service and has a wide number of uses able to sync data between laptops, tablets, phones as well as servers.

My main use of dropbox is to keep all of my VPS’ and servers synced up to each other. This allows things like my freshly filtered GSA Search Engine Ranker list to pushed out to all active VPS’ so they always have access to the freshest list without me having to go into each installation and manually add the new files to the required folders or for one VPS to dump a bunch of scraped targets into a folder for another VPS to pick them up and begin to process them for me.

I also use the service to hold backups of things such as documents, photographs, and videos as I seem to have a natural uncanny ability to break every external hard drive and flash drives I own with in weeks of getting it.

In addition to this, I also use it in a number of IFTTT recipes such as the one in the screenshot below used to automatically take a backup of each post made on this blog and save it to my Dropbox account.

Dropbox IFTTT integration to auto backup my posts.

I also use the free WordPress plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox to automatically run and create a full backup of my sites once a week and store the created backup into my Dropbox account.

So What Do We Have To Do To Get The Free Space?

A fresh dropbox account currently comes with a default of 2 GB of free space available to the user, upon completion of a successful registration the user has instant access to the following methods to increase their file space by going to http://dropbox.com/free.

Complete the “Get Started” tour – 250MB

The “Get Started” tour is essentially a very quick overview of what dropbox actually does and how to best use the service. Although I didn’t time it I would estimate it took less than a minute to complete while giving the user a permanent increase of 250MB to their storage space with the service.

Connect your Facebook account – 125MB

Connecting your Facebook account with your dropbox account takes a few seconds to complete but permanently adds 125MB of space to your dropbox storage.

Connect your Twitter account – 125MB

Similar to above, connecting your Twitter account to your dropbox account only takes a matter of seconds but again, adds 125MB of storage to your account for life.

Follow Dropbox on Twitter – 125MB

Following @Dropbox on twitter also only takes a matter of seconds to complete but permanently adds another 125MB of storage to your account.

If any readers are able to implement a similar strategy into their own product or service then I highly recommend they try it as at the time of writing the @Dropbox Twitter account has almost 4.6 million followers as shown in the screenshot below. I would imagine the majority of them are only following for the free space but it offers Dropbox an easy way to promote their premium plans and offers directly to their current user base.

Dropbox Official Twitter Account With 4.6 million followers
Write a short text why you love Dropbox – 125MB

Letting the Dropbox team know you why you use their service also adds an additional 125MB of free storage space to your account for life. When I completed this it was a simple web form to fill out but it seems like it may have changed a little now.

Download Mailbox for iOS or Android and connect it with Gmail and Dropbox – 1GB

Since Dropbox acquired the mailbox app they have been offering users a massive 1GB of permanent free space if they download the app to their iOS or Andriod device. Although I have not actually completed this step myself as I am now a premium user of Dropbox it seems like an easy task to complete for such a large space increase.

Refer Friends For Upto 32GB Extra Free Space

Dropbox has recently updated this offer from 16GB space with half a gig per friend to 32BG free space at 1GB per friend. Back when I was using the free service I took advantage of this offer to quickly and easily increase my storage space.

Once thing black hat marketers usually have plenty of is email accounts and proxies so I’m sure there are a few things you guys are able to come up with to fully take advantage of this offer for the full 32GB of space!

Wrapping It Up

I’m sure most of my readers already use Dropbox or at least a similar service for some of their tasks so I hope this post will help some of you out and offer you some easy methods to increase your storage space with out needing to increase your monthly outgoings.

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