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How To Get Exact Match Search Volumes Quickly And Easily!

In this short post, I will be going over KeywordPlanner Pro. Since Google changed their search volumes to a ranged based system there have been a few long winded workarounds released but I am yet to find a tool that is as easy to use as KeywordPlanner Pro.

Although the tool recently left its beta testing stage and has launched a few paid plans the majority of people will be fine using their free plan provided you prefilter your keywords using something like my keyword research method. In fact, the three new websites I am currently putting my efforts to are using this exact system. I complete my keyword research to reduce my potential keywords as much as possible and then run they remaining keywords through Keyword Planner Pro to get their exact match search volume data.

I have thousands of banked keywords backed designed around my old ranking method. I randomly checked a hand full of the keywords search volumes from this banked list against the results from KeywordPlanner Pro and they matched up perfectly.

How To Use The Tool

  1. Go to their website.
  2. Scroll down a little bit and select use my own list as shown below.
    KeywordPlanner Pro select own list.
  3. Remove the default text in the “Enter a Keyword” field.
    Adding keywords to Keyword Planner Pro
  4. Press the “Analyze” button and your data will be returned as shown below.

Exact match search data.

Since down scaling my live projects I am yet to go over the current free limit of 2000 free searches per day. If I was still using the regular Google keyword planner then I would be forced to use the data shown below.

Google keyword planner search ranges.

As you can see, the range 100-1000 is close to useless but knowing “test keyword” receives 210 searches per month is a lot more useful. Hopefully this will help some of my readers out as I have been asked about tools like this multiple times now.


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