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Ending The YouTube Project Already!

Just a short post today, some people may remember I started a YouTube channel project based on Geek culture time-lapse videos from a freelancer. I have been speaking to a number of friends in the YouTube space and they have reported their AdSense for YouTube earnings dropping from 70-90% depending on their niches. I have also seen around a 30% drop in Googles Display Network for AdSense recently since any advertisers begun to pull their ad spends from the Google platform.

In addition to this, I was planning to use the MassPlanner social media bot to promote the channel but they have formally had to close their doors due to legal action from Instagram. Due to both the earning and promotion potential being cut so drastically, I have decided to stop my efforts towards the channel.

I still want the artwork for a custom wall in my house so the freelance artist will complete the initial order as well as provide me with the time-lapse videos. I will continue to upload them to the YouTube channel but I will not be putting effort into promoting the channel at all so I won’t be releasing a monthly progress report on the project as I expect minimal growth.

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