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Monthly Reports

Money Site Network Income Report $416.30 – March 2017

Welcome to my money site network income report for March 2017! Unfortunately. March saw Googles the rollout of the Fred update costing me my highest earning site within the money site network as well as a potential second site that was showing promising growth then suddenly dropped all traffic around the 9th …

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The Black Hat SEO Case Study – Introduction

Welcome to my introduction to my Black Hat SEO case study. If you are on this blog then I hope you are familiar with the concept of black hate search engine optimization but on the off-chance you are not it is essentially attempting to game the search engines guidelines to …

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The White Hat SEO Case Study – January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 update on my white hat case study, due to being a busy month I haven’t had much free time to dedicate to this particular test. I have however completed my initial keyword research for the project and sent some article templates to my writing team …

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