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Daily Forum Journaling!

I started some daily forum journaling threads at the start of the month as people were asking me what I get upto each day. I thought I would share a quick post here as I am still having people ask me similar questions as they are unaware of the threads. …

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Moving Forward!

The 24th March 2017 marked my last serving day in the Royal Air Force meaning I am now putting 100% of my time into trying to become a full-time internet marketer. Because of this, I decided to release a post with my plans for the future with regards to internet …

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Taking Hit After Hit After Hit!

Around two months ago I covered how the Penguin 4 rollout had countered the majority of my sites, since then I have been working towards developing a new method to rank sites in Google with minimal success. Fast forward to February 2017 and Google seem to have rolled out two additional …

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My Digital Tool Kit!

Welcome to my updated digital toolkit post. With the rollouts of Penguin 4, Fred, The Maccabees and the various other small updates in 2016/2017 as well as Googles Rankbrain getting smarter by the month, a bunch of tools I used to use on a daily basis no longer have the effect they …

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