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My Experiences So Far With Cryptocurrency, 211.47% Gains!

I forgot to say in the video but I have heard some nightmare stories of people confirming how many coins/tokens they hold and becoming targets of hackers, although I don’t hold anywhere near what they do, I only release percentage increase/decreases of my crypto portfolio. Get $10 worth of extra …

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Resolutions For Moving Forward!

Although the YouTube video above goes into more detail, here are the main points from my resolutions while moving forward. Move away from using automation and bot generated content. Work towards my goal of earning $10,000 a month. Cryptocurrency wise, hold my current Ethereum holding, increase my OMG holding and …

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Moving Over To YouTube!

Although it has been almost Six months since I last posted on here, I have been planning on making the switch to YouTube for some time now as I find it easier and less time consuming to talk rather than type. If a picture paints a thousand words then a …

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