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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Progress Report – May 2017

ith Welcome to my black hat search engine optimization progress report for May 2017. Thankfully, May 2017 seems to be the first month since September 2016 where nothing has gone wrong in my internet marketing ventures. The month has seen a number of pages of a number of domains receive …

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Black Hat SEO Progress Report – April 2017

Welcome to my Black hat search engine optimization report for April 2017. I have had to tweak a few things from the initial post for the projects. I have scrapped the Blackhat SILO project and have moved forward with a number of projects. I now plan to use this monthly …

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The Black Hat SEO Case Study – March 2017

Welcome to my progress report for my black hat SER case study for March 2017. Due to being busy with so many tasks both real life as well as online my projects received little to no attention. I have decided to run three sites for this case study running different …

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The Black Hat SEO Case Study – Introduction

Welcome to my introduction to my Black Hat SEO case study. If you are on this blog then I hope you are familiar with the concept of black hate search engine optimization but on the off-chance you are not it is essentially attempting to game the search engines guidelines to …

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