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My Goals For The Blog In 2017!

In this post, I will be sharing the goals I have for the blog for 2017 along with a few things that I have no current plans to pursue.

Blog Goals For 2017

My goals for the blog are as follows.

  • Grow the content on the blog up to at least 250,000 words.
  • Release at least one blog post a week.
  • Consistently reach an average of 100 unique visitors per day over the course of a month.
  • Grow the traffic of the blog by at least 10% per month.
  • Grow my traffic leaking accounts into respected members of their communities.
  • Grow the blog into a respected blog in the internet marketing and black hat niches.
  • Develop a usable social media strategy to promote the blog.
  • Develop the none internet marketing sections of the blog such as the productivity section.
  • Earn at least $250 in a single month from the blog.

With the current blog post ideas I have stored on my Trello board for the blog I am confident I have plenty of ideas to reach my goal of 250,000 words of content on the blog by the end of 2017, the main issue will be finding the time to churn out content. Currently, I am spending a lot of my time generating content for this blog as well as conducting case studies to gather data for my money site network.

Once the results of these case studies come in, developing my money site network and conducting additional case studies will become a priority over generating content for this blog. That said, I have no plans at all to abandon this blog so have set myself the goal to release a minimum of at least one post per week and I feel I should be able to meet that.

As I plan to use traffic leaking as my main source of traffic generation for the blog I have set a goal of averaging 100 unique visitors per day over the course of December 2017. This is actually very low compared to what I am used to with my money site network being promoted with search engine optimization but I have no experience in traffic leaking and I am unsure as to how much time I will have available to do it. That being said, I do hope to grow blog traffic by a minimum of 10% per month from when I start to promote it.

I have seen a few different traffic leaking strategies and most of them revolve around hit and run marketing. This is not something I wish to do as there is little to no long term traffic developed by the strategy. I wish to grow my traffic leaking accounts into valuable members of their respective communities similar to how I feel my current GSA Forum and Black Hat World forum accounts are currently viewed by their communities. I am actually considering starting a monthly post to cover how my traffic leaking accounts are growing each month but not sure if time will allow for this.

The main problem I see with growing the blog into a respected site within the niche is exposure. I plan to keep putting high-quality content out on the site and the initial feedback from the guys I have had checking the site over before I begin to promote it has been positive but to get the required exposure will take time and unfortunately spare time is something I probably won’t have much of.

Although I view social media promotion separate to traffic leaking I would still like to use it as a method to promote the blog, I currently have minimal experience with social media promotion and outside of Facebook, I have little to no general experience with the platforms so there will be a learning curve. Additionally, because of the niche of the blog, I can see it being a challenge to promote on platforms such as Pinterest but I will put some time into thinking of potential methods.

Although most of the initial content will be related to internet marketing and black hat search engine optimization I also want to develop other sections of the blog that I have planned such as the productivity section, in addition to adding new sections covering recommended reading, useful resources as well as a few other things.

I know some may see the goal of earning $250 a month by December as low but I want to be as realistic as possible, I have previously said this blog is going to be a lower priority the other things I do online so I am not sure how much time I will have available to promote the blog.

Onto The Things I Plan Not To Do

The things I plan to avoid are…

  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Release an eBook.
  • Release a course.
  • Care about the DA, PA, TF or CF stats of the blog.
  • Use paid traffic as a traffic source.
  • Abandon the blog.

Although I see YouTube as an excellent potential traffic source I simply don’t have the time available to essentially duplicate all the content I create for the blog into video form to share on YouTube so at least for now, I have no plans to get into YouTube.

There are two sides to guest blogging, the first is having people guest blog on this blog and the second being me guest blogging on other peoples blog. Depending on how this blog takes off I may consider opening it to guest posts in the future. That being said, I have no plans to release posts on other users blogs, it takes too much time and effort to generate the content and I rather keep it on my own blog for now.

I see so many bloggers releasing ebooks or courses to earn an income from their blog. My current thinking is that the content used in those strategies could be released for free on my blog and help more people so that is the current route I plan to take.

Although most people in this niche understand that the third party metrics such as domain authority and page authority mean nothing I see so many bloggers in other niches chasing them so I just wanted to confirm to anyone new to the niche that I will not be actively trying to increase these metrics.

I know many bloggers in this niche use paid traffic to promote their blogs but I am taking a page out of Elon Musks book on this one. In the early days of Tesla he did not spend a single cent on advertising and put his faith in his product and message and that is a similar route I plan to take.

As I have previously touched on in the post I have no plans at all to abandon the blog and aim to release at least one post a week as a minimum!

So, now you know where I want to take the blog it’s down to you to keep checking in to see how I do!

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