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Black Hat SEO Progress Report – May 2017

ith Welcome to my black hat search engine optimization progress report for May 2017. Thankfully, May 2017 seems to be the first month since September 2016 where nothing has gone wrong in my internet marketing ventures.

The month has seen a number of pages of a number of domains receive their first positive jumps in the SERPs with some of them being shown in the screenshots below. One of the screenshots is from a PBN boosted page but the rest are using automated web 2.0s and GSA Search Engine Ranker for their off-page search engine optimization.


Due to seeing these jumps on pages that are using automated web 2.0 pages for their tier one link I decided to create some additional micro niche sites using a set of manual web 2.0 pages as their tier one with GSA SER and automated web 2.0’s being used as tiers two and three.

Due to scaling up the number of money sites that require active link building on their pages I have also decided to archive all projects from my current Geek VPS package and upgrade to a Wizard package from 1st June 2017. The screenshot below shows the link count that has been archived from the Geek VPS.

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